Parts and Hardware

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For more than a decade, corporate clients and system maintenance professionals have counted on TKO Part and Hardware for fast, affordable access to even the hardest-to-find service and replacement parts. In addition to parts, we also provide a wide range of refurbished, warranted hardware - from computers and networking hardware to peripherals. TKO Electronics is here to make your job easier. In the last 10 years, we've solved many of the complicated parts issues facing today's self-maintainers and service providers. Our customer-care professionals are committed to providing service that's friendly, knowledgeable, and fast.

As an industry leader in OEM and multi-vendor parts and support, TKO Parts and Hardware offers a complete solution for all your service parts needs, including part and whole unit sales and advance exchange. Coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction, this winning combination is why TKO is the vendor of choice for corporations and service professionals worldwide.


Across the country, innovative companies are making a simple choice that's easy on their budgets and on the environment - they're using remanufactured toner and ink cartridges. TKO Imaging makes the switch effortless with remanufactured supplies for machines from dozens of leading manufacturers. From Apple to Xerox, you'll find the laser-printer cartridges, ink-jet cartridges, copier toner, thermal fax ribbons and point-of-sale ribbons you need. Our proven ISO9001 manufacturing processes, exacting quality controls and thorough testing enable TKO Imagine supplies to knock out the competition on quality, performance, and price.

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TKOEDucation, a division of TKO Electronics Inc., specializes in providing alternative computing solutions to K-12's across North America. Founded in 1997 our mission is to help schools, libraries, and non-profits save money on their technology purchases while providing outstanding technical support and customer service. Our professionally refurbished DELL Desktops and Notebooks include comprehensive warranties and can be customized to meet special requirements.

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In addition to our extensive hardware line, TKOEDucation also offers a variety of services including free product trials, needs analysis, and free technical support. Our unique combination of hardware and services allows TKOEDucation to develop custom hardware solutions which meet customer needs, maximize IT budgets, and lower the Total Cost of PC Ownership.

TKO Green

TKO Green is the newest division of TKO Electronics Inc., and it's one of the many ways that we are striving to promote green technology. The goal of TKO Green is simple... Extend the life of technological equipment and avoid sending e-waste to landfills. When companies invest in new technology, they are left with unused, excess equipment. TKO Green works with these companies directly to take away their unwanted equipment, and disposes it in an environmentally friendly way.

Another advantage of working with TKO Green to eradicate your unused equipment is that we are experts at turning your e-waste into gold. From computers to telephone systems and more, we're experts at auditing, testing, and refurbishing hardware for sale at the best prices in the industry for our clients. As the saying goes, "One man's waste is another man's treasure."