Data Sheets for Lexmark Laser, Color Laser, and Multifunction Printers
Click on the links below to view printer data sheets for Lexmark
Monochrome Laser, Color Laser, and Multifunction Printers. You can view
information such as: printer specifications, printer series at a glance,
features, and lists of toners, supplies, and accessories.

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C500 C510 C522 C524
C530 C532 C534 C540
C543 C544 C710 C720
C750 C752 C760 C762
C770 C772 C780 C782
C910 C912 C920 C935

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E120 E210 E220 E232
E234 E240 E250 E260
E310 E312 E320 E321
E322 E323 E330 E332
E340 E342 E350 E352
E360 E450 E460  

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M410 M412 MS310 MS410
MS510 MS710 MS810 MX310
MX410 MX510 MX610 MX710

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S1250 S1255 S1620 S1625
S1650 S1855 S2420 S2450
S2455 S3455 SC1275  

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T420 T430 T520 T522
T610 T612 T614 T616
T620 T622 T630 T632
T634 T640 T642 T644
T650 T652 T654  

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W810 W812 W820 W840

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X125 X215 X2350 X3350
X342 X422 X500 X502
X5150 X520 X522 X543
X544 X560 X620 X63
X630 X632 X634 X642
X644 X646 X652 X654
X656 X658 X720 X750
X752 X762 X772 X820
X850 X852 X854